Jobil Limited.

About us


Kenya 's economic success is rooted in Its capitalist society. Foreign investment is on the rise due to the ease of conducting business in most areas. This, however, presents competition too stiff to keep up with to the local businesses and the massive foreign companies end up being monopolies. For this reason, and uncontrolled product prices, such companies sell products to the locals at outrageous prices making obnoxious amounts of profits. 

All hope is not lost. Kenya's flourishing technology industry presents an opportunity for local companies to stand for themselves. Jobil limited in collaboration with a number if small-scale retailers united to form a larger unit that can showcase locally produced furniture and electronics and where supply is unavailable, import them directly from the manufacturers. This model allows the businesses to acquire a large amount of stock at a cheaper price than they would if they purchased from the larger corporates. The goods are then sold in retail with sensible amounts of profits to ensure our local customers acquire top notch products at prices that leave their pockets smiling. Jobil also employees a unique principal of remote (On-call) bargaining to keep the local business spirit alive and also offers delivery services upon agreement with the clients.  Customers can also pre-order goods not present in the inventory upon request at jaw-dropping bargain prices.



Products and services


We do offer delivery services. Mega companies are able to open multiple stores all over the nation hence they can stockpile supplies and wait for demand. Their supply chain is thus supported by their financial muscle. For small businesses, however, delivery can be quite tricky. What we have done at Jobil is establish a series of partnerships with retail shops all over the nation. When you buy from us, we contact our closest partner to your location. They own their own store. We will then agree on a price for the product. You can pick it up at their store or request delivery at peanut fees. We post the cheapest price on our site to avoid the ups and downs of bargaining, saving your time and money.